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DB-D16 High Speed Paper Cup Machine

DB-D16 High Speed Paper Cup Machine

DB-D16 high speed paper cup machine is our advanced model, designed for quality users and products.

Cup Size 75 ml - 330 ml (Can also customize)
Speed 60~75 cups/min
Power Three Phase 380V 50Hz, 12KW
Net weight 1500kg
Brand Sona Machines
Rating 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews
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DB-D16 is the newly launched High Speed Paper Cup Machine Which Operates only with Single Turn Plates instead of conventional 3 turn plates to complete the whole process of automatic paper feeding, sealing, knurling, edge curling & discharging. The complete machine production process is controlled by PLC which gives more comfort for the operator as it indicates the fault of the machine on touch Screen Display. It is fitted with Korean Open Type Cam Drive System which enables the machine to be fast. This Machine adoptes Auto Lubrication System which will improve the life of the machine. This machine is fitted with ultrasonic sealing device perfect sealing both for single and double side PE coated material. DB-D16 has an additional & Optional feature of Auto Feeding table as per customer's requirement. It has high production capacity, which reaches 60-75 pcs/min.


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