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SPC-500 Medium Speed Automatic Paper Plate Machine

SPC-500 Medium Speed Automatic Paper Plate Machine

Standard SPC-500 Paper plate machine has two working stations, each station install one set of mold and each station has separately PLC digital control and electric control.

Plate Size 5 - 11 Inches (Can Customize)
Speed 60-80 piece/minute (Doubl
Power 220V 50Hz 3KW Single Phase
Rated Power 3 KW
Net weight 600 Kg
Brand Sona Machines
Rating 4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews
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SPC-500 Medium Speed Paper Plate forming Machine is invented Based on the huge Market Demand for Paper Plates all over India. This machine runs a whole process of paper sucking, feeding, hot squash, discharging and counting. It's widely dsed for manufacturing Paper Plates in diffrent Shapes.


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