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Raw Materials

Paper Cup & Plate Raw Materials

We also supplying paper cups and paper plate raw materials. The thickness and the anti-absorbent ability of the paper cup is the standard of quality since the cups will be strong to hold pressure and will last longer without literally falling apart at the seams. This sort of performance is decided by choosing the right raw material for paper cup making. The earliest forms of paper cups were recorded as old as the ancient Chinese civilization. The technology involved paper cups coated internally with a thin layer of ceramic, dipping and drying the paper in special oils before making the cup and even using clay as an anti absorbent material. With the modern technology and invention of plastic, the Paper cup raw material used today is essentially a sheet of paper covered on one side with a spray of plastic lamination to act as the inner side of the paper cup. With the modern choice of paper cups raw material, the tedious process has been simplified for mass production.

S.No Cup Size No.of Blanks Per Ton Bottom Need Per Kg
1. 90 ml 5,50,000 / pieces 410
2. 100 ml 5,25,000 / pieces 380
3 110ml 5,00,000 / pieces 350
4 150ml 3,90,000 / pieces 310
5 210 ml 3,10,000 / pieces 270
6 250ml 2,50,000 / pieces 210
7 300 ml 2,10,000 / pieces 170