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Sona Machines Services

The frame of our machines is made of metal and the body is made of steel. Best Quality Spare Used.


Maintenance on the our machines should only be carried out regularly once a month and under supervision. Strict attention should be given while the machine is in operation and the shield is removed.

  1. Clean materials and accessory materials.
  2. Attention should be paid to the sanitation and cleanliness of the machine. A fixed scheduled should be maintained to clear and wipe down the machine. Keep greasy dirt away from the paper, die and roller. The machine should be located away from paper scraps, dust accumulation or plastic rolling.
  3. Glycerol is used to lubricate the entire machine. A fixed schedule should be maintained to clean lubricated places and lubricate them with glycerol.


All the machines are delivered in a wooden case.

After Sale Service

A guide book is included to assist with the installation and machine adjustment process and help solve any problems that may be encountered.

  1. The machine is adjusted one week prior to delivery to make sure our machine is in perfect condition.
  2. Technicians are sent to guide the installation and adjust the machine at the buyer's factory.
  3. Free training is available at our premises for the buyer or his representative until he fully understands the operation of our the machine. The buyer would be responsible for transport and accommodations expenses.


  1. Our machine come along with One Year warranty from the shipment date.
  2. The warranty is not applicable to parts requiring normal replacement.
  3. Warranty lapses for any damage caused by misuse, improper handling, negligent maintenance, intentional injury or other damages.

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